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How to Determine Which SkyRun Vacation Rental Is Best for You!

imageWhen determining which SkyRun vacation rental is best for you, it’s important to keep a few ideas in mind.For instance, what location do you want to be in, what type of kitchen do you need, and what is your ideal price? Luckily for you, all SkyRun location websites have features and filters to customize your search!

Where your SkyRun vacation rental is located essentially establishes the flow of your vacation. When your SkyRun is off the beaten path, most likely you’ll make minimal grocery trips and take full advantage of the kitchen. Perhaps more time will be dedicated to exploring the surrounding environment or playing board games while conversating. On the other hand, SkyRuns located downtown are more accessible to restaurants, rental shops, and nightlife. No matter where you would like to stay, start by using the map feature.

Go to the properties page of the location you plan to visit -    https://copper.skyrun.com/properties
At the top of the page, check the ‘show on map’ box Zoom in or out to see where the SkyRuns are located in relation to the area Example:image As mentioned in previous blogs, the kitchen is a major player when it comes to where much of your time may be spent and memories are made. If this is an important amenity for your group, use the filters option to find SkyRuns with gourmet kitchens. Are you curious what some of our top gourmet kitchens look like?Read the ‘Top 10 SkyRun Vacation Rentals with Marvelous Kitchens’ blog!
Go to the properties page of the location you plan to visit -   https://breckenridge.skyrun.com/properties On the left-hand side, click the plus sign next to ‘show filters’ Scroll down to the list of amenities and select ‘gourmet kitchen’ Example:image Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is the price. Our SkyRuns range from luxurious custom-built homes with all the bells and whistles to small studios ideal for providing a place to stay. Furthermore, we always have web specials on our'Mind the Gap'page where you can find discounts. Depending on if you have a budget or not, use the ‘price’ drop-down feature to categorize listed vacation rentals by high to low or low to high prices.
Go to the properties page of the location you plan to visit -   https://keystone.skyrun.com/properties To the right of the ‘show on map’ feature, select the drop-down menu Choose how you would like the listed vacation rentals to be categorized  Example: image The next time you’re considering which SkyRun to choose, evaluate the location, kitchen size, price, and other listed amenities. Use the filters and features to determine which SkyRun is best for you. Then start packing as  a great trip awaits!
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barry on Saturday, 27 October 2018 00:22

Nice post.

Nice post.
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